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Studio Counter Stool - Fully Upholstered
Studio Counter Stool - Fully Upholstered
Studio Counter Stool - Fully Upholstered
Studio Counter Stool - Fully Upholstered
Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen

Studio Counter Stool - Fully Upholstered

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Camira Main Line Flax
Camira Synergy
Leather Ultra
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Camira Main Line Flax

Composition: 70% Pure New Wool, 30% Flax

  • Tower Mlf36Tower Mlf36
  • Bethnal Mlf25Bethnal Mlf25
  • Greenford Mlf32Greenford Mlf32
  • Archway Mlf02Archway Mlf02
  • Temple Mlf16Temple Mlf16
  • Westminster Mlf22Westminster Mlf22
  • Brompton Mlf35Brompton Mlf35
  • Pimlico Mlf34Pimlico Mlf34
  • Finsbury Mlf30Finsbury Mlf30
  • Charing Mlf27Charing Mlf27
  • Newbury Mlf10Newbury Mlf10
  • Holborn Mlf05Holborn Mlf05
  • Stanmore Mlf37Stanmore Mlf37
  • Kensington Mlf07Kensington Mlf07
  • Monument Mlf09Monument Mlf09
  • Waterloo Mlf21Waterloo Mlf21
  • Victoria Mlf19Victoria Mlf19
  • Russell Mlf38Russell Mlf38
  • Bayswater Mlf24Bayswater Mlf24
  • Goldhawk Mlf31Goldhawk Mlf31
  • Farrringdon Mlf29Farrringdon Mlf29
  • Tufnell Mlf18Tufnell Mlf18
  • Camden Mlf26Camden Mlf26
  • Morden Mlf12Morden Mlf12
  • Leyton Mlf13Leyton Mlf13
  • Kilburn Mlf06Kilburn Mlf06
  • Highgate Mlf33Highgate Mlf33
  • Upminster Mlf20Upminster Mlf20
  • Lambeth Mlf08Lambeth Mlf08
  • Aldgate Mlf01Aldgate Mlf01
  • Euston Mlf04Euston Mlf04
  • Barbican Mlf03Barbican Mlf03
  • Bank Mlf23Bank Mlf23
  • Tooting Mlf17Tooting Mlf17
  • Parsons Mlf14Parsons Mlf14
  • Hillingdon Mlf41Hillingdon Mlf41
  • Wembley Mlf11Wembley Mlf11
  • Stockwell Mlf15Stockwell Mlf15
  • Northfields Mlf40Northfields Mlf40
  • Edgware Mlf28Edgware Mlf28
  • Paddington Mlf39Paddington Mlf39

Camira Synergy

Composition: 95% Pure New Wool, 5% Nylon

  • Synergy LDS05Synergy LDS05
  • Synergy LDS07Synergy LDS07
  • Synergy LDS08Synergy LDS08
  • Synergy LDS16Synergy LDS16
  • Synergy LDS17Synergy LDS17
  • Synergy LDS18Synergy LDS18
  • Synergy LDS19Synergy LDS19
  • Synergy LDS20Synergy LDS20
  • Synergy LDS21Synergy LDS21
  • Synergy LDS22Synergy LDS22
  • Synergy LDS23Synergy LDS23
  • Synergy LDS24Synergy LDS24
  • Synergy LDS25Synergy LDS25
  • Synergy LDS26Synergy LDS26
  • Synergy LDS27Synergy LDS27
  • Synergy LDS28Synergy LDS28
  • Synergy LDS29Synergy LDS29
  • Synergy LDS31Synergy LDS31
  • Synergy LDS32Synergy LDS32
  • Synergy LDS33Synergy LDS33
  • Synergy LDS34Synergy LDS34
  • Synergy LDS35Synergy LDS35
  • Synergy LDS36Synergy LDS36
  • Synergy LDS37Synergy LDS37
  • Synergy LDS38Synergy LDS38
  • Synergy LDS39Synergy LDS39
  • Synergy LDS40Synergy LDS40
  • Synergy LDS41Synergy LDS41
  • Synergy LDS42Synergy LDS42
  • Synergy LDS43Synergy LDS43
  • Synergy LDS44Synergy LDS44
  • Synergy LDS45Synergy LDS45
  • Synergy LDS46Synergy LDS46
  • Synergy LDS47Synergy LDS47
  • Synergy LDS48Synergy LDS48
  • Synergy LDS49Synergy LDS49
  • Synergy LDS50Synergy LDS50
  • Synergy LDS51Synergy LDS51
  • Synergy LDS52Synergy LDS52
  • Synergy LDS53Synergy LDS53
  • Synergy LDS54Synergy LDS54
  • Synergy LDS55Synergy LDS55
  • Synergy LDS56Synergy LDS56
  • Synergy LDS57Synergy LDS57
  • Synergy LDS58Synergy LDS58
  • Synergy LDS59Synergy LDS59
  • Synergy LDS60Synergy LDS60
  • Synergy LDS61Synergy LDS61
  • Synergy LDS62Synergy LDS62
  • Synergy LDS63Synergy LDS63
  • Synergy LDS64Synergy LDS64
  • Synergy LDS65Synergy LDS65
  • Synergy LDS66Synergy LDS66
  • Synergy LDS67Synergy LDS67
  • Synergy LDS68Synergy LDS68
  • Synergy LDS69Synergy LDS69
  • Synergy LDS70Synergy LDS70
  • Synergy LDS71Synergy LDS71
  • Synergy LDS72Synergy LDS72
  • Synergy LDS73Synergy LDS73
  • Synergy LDS74Synergy LDS74
  • Synergy LDS75Synergy LDS75
  • Synergy LDS76Synergy LDS76
  • Synergy LDS77Synergy LDS77
  • Synergy LDS78Synergy LDS78
  • Synergy LDS79Synergy LDS79
  • Synergy LDS80Synergy LDS80
  • Synergy LDS81Synergy LDS81
  • Synergy LDS82Synergy LDS82
  • Synergy LDS84Synergy LDS84
  • Synergy LDS85Synergy LDS85
  • Synergy LDS86Synergy LDS86
  • Synergy LDS87Synergy LDS87
  • Synergy LDS88Synergy LDS88

Sørensen Ultra (Tango) Leather

Buffed and embossed and truly nice to touch, the surface of ULTRA boasts a uniform grain pattern spanning over the entire hide.
ULTRA has some additional amazing attributes. Thanks to its extremely strong protective finish, it’s very user-friendly and easy to maintain. Stains don’t even leave a mark once wiped away using a fresh cloth with water. What’s more, as a leather with a heavy surface protection, ULTRA will take longer to show signs of aging or fading due to exposure to light.

Surface: Very strong and durable with a uniform, matt surface print

Finish: Extremely strong surface protection

Tannage: Chrome

Dye: Water-based aniline dye

  • Black 41599Black 41599
  • Black Brown 41590Black Brown 41590
  • Navy 41573Navy 41573
  • Anthrazite 41580Anthrazite 41580
  • Lava 41575Lava 41575
  • Chocolate 41589Chocolate 41589
  • Grey 41585Grey 41585
  • Safari 41586Safari 41586
  • Earth 41584Earth 41584
  • Altweiss 41576Altweiss 41576
  • Eggshell 41581Eggshell 41581
  • White 41594White 41594
  • Brick 41579Brick 41579
  • Poppy 41578Poppy 41578
  • Cognac 41598Cognac 41598
  • Brandy 41574Brandy 41574
  • Camel 41571Camel 41571
  • Honey 41572Honey 41572
  • Leaf 41566Leaf 41566
  • Marsh 41570Marsh 41570
  • Moss 41569Moss 41569
  • Oat 41568Oat 41568
  • Smoke 41567Smoke 41567
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Product Information

There is something virtually graphic about the way the slender steel frame grows out below the Studio chair’s seat and back, framing the molded shell in an airy design. The flowing lines stand out in an eye-catching silhouette, like a line drawing or a pictogram, just as the empty spaces between the frame and the back act to define the shape. The simple construction in veneer and steel tubing directs one’s thoughts towards older French factory chairs, giving Studio its industrial notes. A design that attracts attention, but glows with pure simplicity.

The multi-purpose Studio chair series is designed for use in both domestic and public spaces. The series includes chairs, armchairs and barstools in two heights. All models are stackable, making the range suitable for restaurants and educational facilities with the need for transformable areas. The steel frame makes it easy to grab hold of the chairs and move them around as required.


18.9" W x 18.5" D x 31.5" H
Seat: 25.6" H


Shell: Fully Upholstered
Legs: Powder Coated Steel

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