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Emma Bergere Armchair 23655 - Wood Base
Emma Bergere Armchair 23655 - Wood Base
Emma Bergere Armchair 23655 - Wood Base
Emma Bergere Armchair 23655 - Wood Base
Monica Armani for Varaschin

Emma Bergere Armchair 23655 - Wood Base

Regular price $6,381.00
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Beige Rope
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Iroko Wood
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Category B

Icarus Eco-Leather

Composition: 91% PVC, 9% PA

Durability: 100.000 martindale

  • Icarus B650 BiancoIcarus B650 Bianco
  • Icarus B651 CipriaIcarus B651 Cipria
  • Icarus B652 AvorioIcarus B652 Avorio
  • Icarus B653 VisoneIcarus B653 Visone
  • Icarus B654 SigaroIcarus B654 Sigaro
  • Icarus B655 TortoraIcarus B655 Tortora
  • Icarus B656 TabaccoIcarus B656 Tabacco
  • Icarus B657 MarroneIcarus B657 Marrone
  • Icarus B658 MokaIcarus B658 Moka
  • Icarus B659 NeroIcarus B659 Nero
  • Icarus B660 GrigioIcarus B660 Grigio
  • Icarus B661 CenereIcarus B661 Cenere
  • Icarus B662 PerlaIcarus B662 Perla
  • Icarus B663 BluIcarus B663 Blu
  • Icarus B664 MarinaIcarus B664 Marina
  • Icarus B665 MelaIcarus B665 Mela
  • Icarus B666 BordoIcarus B666 Bordo

Tuvatextil Canvas

Composition: 100% Spun-dyed PC (Acrylic)

Durability: 16.000/20.000 martindale

  • Tuvatextil Canvas B501 CoccoTuvatextil Canvas B501 Cocco
  • Tuvatextil Canvas B502 StuoiaTuvatextil Canvas B502 Stuoia
  • Tuvatextil Canvas B503 AmarettoTuvatextil Canvas B503 Amaretto
  • Tuvatextil Canvas B504 AcquerelloTuvatextil Canvas B504 Acquerello
  • Tuvatextil Canvas B505 OceanoTuvatextil Canvas B505 Oceano
  • Tuvatextil Canvas B506 MentaTuvatextil Canvas B506 Menta
  • Tuvatextil Canvas B507 OlivaTuvatextil Canvas B507 Oliva
  • Tuvatextil Canvas B508 CitronTuvatextil Canvas B508 Citron
  • Tuvatextil Canvas B509 OroTuvatextil Canvas B509 Oro
  • Tuvatextil Canvas B510 OrangeTuvatextil Canvas B510 Orange
  • Tuvatextil Canvas B511 GingerTuvatextil Canvas B511 Ginger
  • Tuvatextil Canvas B512 GranataTuvatextil Canvas B512 Granata
  • Tuvatextil Canvas B513 ScarlattoTuvatextil Canvas B513 Scarlatto
  • Tuvatextil Canvas B514 BordeauxTuvatextil Canvas B514 Bordeaux
  • Tuvatextil Canvas B515 PrugnaTuvatextil Canvas B515 Prugna

Sunbrella Piper

Composition: 100% Spun-dyed PC (Acrylic)

Durability:10.000/14.000 martindale

  • Sunbrella Piper B090 MarmoSunbrella Piper B090 Marmo
  • Sunbrella Piper B091 PolvereSunbrella Piper B091 Polvere
  • Sunbrella Piper B092 SavaneSunbrella Piper B092 Savane
  • Sunbrella Piper B093 LiquiriziaSunbrella Piper B093 Liquirizia
  • Sunbrella Piper B101 WhiteSunbrella Piper B101 White
  • Sunbrella Piper B102 TaupeSunbrella Piper B102 Taupe
  • Sunbrella Piper B104 SpezieSunbrella Piper B104 Spezie
  • Sunbrella Piper B105 CurrySunbrella Piper B105 Curry
  • Sunbrella Piper B106 RifleSunbrella Piper B106 Rifle
  • Sunbrella Piper B107 FumoSunbrella Piper B107 Fumo
  • Sunbrella Piper B108 LinoSunbrella Piper B108 Lino
  • Sunbrella Piper B109 GrigioSunbrella Piper B109 Grigio

Tuvatextil Stripes

Composition: 100% Spun-dyed PC (Acrylic)

Durability: 30.000 martindale

  • Tuvatextil Stripes B541 BiancoTuvatextil Stripes B541 Bianco
  • Tuvatextil Stripes B542 GhiaccioTuvatextil Stripes B542 Ghiaccio
  • Tuvatextil Stripes B543 CenereTuvatextil Stripes B543 Cenere
  • Tuvatextil Stripes B544 ArgentoTuvatextil Stripes B544 Argento
  • Tuvatextil Stripes B545 PeltroTuvatextil Stripes B545 Peltro
  • Tuvatextil Stripes B546 BeigeTuvatextil Stripes B546 Beige
  • Tuvatextil Stripes B547 NoceTuvatextil Stripes B547 Noce
  • Tuvatextil Stripes B548 BronzoTuvatextil Stripes B548 Bronzo
  • Tuvatextil Stripes B549 AntraciteTuvatextil Stripes B549 Antracite
  • Tuvatextil Stripes B550 MarroneTuvatextil Stripes B550 Marrone
  • Tuvatextil Stripes B551 GialloTuvatextil Stripes B551 Giallo
  • Tuvatextil Stripes B552 RossoTuvatextil Stripes B552 Rosso
  • Tuvatextil Stripes B553 BordeauxTuvatextil Stripes B553 Bordeaux
  • Tuvatextil Stripes B554 CelesteTuvatextil Stripes B554 Celeste
  • Tuvatextil Stripes B555 SmeraldoTuvatextil Stripes B555 Smeraldo

Summer Up

Composition: 100% Spun-dyed PC (Acrylic)

Durability: 17.000/25.000 martindale

  • Summer Up Oscar B20 BiancoSummer Up Oscar B20 Bianco
  • Summer Up Oscar B21 BeigeSummer Up Oscar B21 Beige
  • Summer Up Oscar B26 NeroSummer Up Oscar B26 Nero
  • Summer Up Panama B131 AzzurroSummer Up Panama B131 Azzurro
  • Summer Up Panama B135 GreenSummer Up Panama B135 Green
  • Summer Up Panama B138 ImperialeSummer Up Panama B138 Imperiale
  • Summer Up Panama B139 MaisSummer Up Panama B139 Mais
  • Summer Up Panama B1390 CordaSummer Up Panama B1390 Corda
  • Summer Up Panama B1391 TurcheseSummer Up Panama B1391 Turchese
  • Summer Up Panama B1392 ArancioSummer Up Panama B1392 Arancio
  • Summer Up Panama B1393 RossoSummer Up Panama B1393 Rosso
  • Summer Up Panama B1396 GrigioSummer Up Panama B1396 Grigio
  • Summer Up Panama B1397 AntraciteSummer Up Panama B1397 Antracite
  • Summer Up Panama B1399 VerdeSummer Up Panama B1399 Verde
  • Summer Up Sun B98 WhiteSummer Up Sun B98 White
  • Summer Up Sun B192 GrisSummer Up Sun B192 Gris
  • Summer Up Sun B199 ScreenSummer Up Sun B199 Screen

Category C

Sunbrella Dune

Composition: 100% Spun-dyed PC (Acrylic)

Durability: 10.000/14.000 martindale

  • Sunbrella Dune C460 CarboneSunbrella Dune C460 Carbone
  • Sunbrella Dune C461 TabaccoSunbrella Dune C461 Tabacco
  • Sunbrella Dune C462 PeltroSunbrella Dune C462 Peltro
  • Sunbrella Dune C466 BeigeSunbrella Dune C466 Beige
  • Sunbrella Dune C467 AntrciteSunbrella Dune C467 Antrcite


Composition: 100% Polyolefin

Durability: 50.000 martindale

  • Marine C111 CaffeMarine C111 Caffe
  • Marine C100 BeigeMarine C100 Beige
  • Marine C101 SaccoMarine C101 Sacco
  • Marine C102 LimeMarine C102 Lime
  • Marine C103 NavyMarine C103 Navy
  • Marine C104 TurcheseMarine C104 Turchese
  • Marine C105 BluMarine C105 Blu
  • Marine C106 BronzoMarine C106 Bronzo
  • Marine C107 CartazuccheroMarine C107 Cartazucchero
  • Marine C108 GrigioMarine C108 Grigio
  • Marine C109 IronMarine C109 Iron
  • Marine C110 FumoMarine C110 Fumo

Category D

Tempotest Pastel

Composition: 100% Spun-dyed PC (Acrylic)

Durability: 24.000 martindale

  • Tempotest Pastel D426 CoralTempotest Pastel D426 Coral
  • Tempotest Pastel D420 BianoTempotest Pastel D420 Biano
  • Tempotest Pastel D421 BeigeTempotest Pastel D421 Beige
  • Tempotest Pastel D422 TortoraTempotest Pastel D422 Tortora
  • Tempotest Pastel D423 AntraciteTempotest Pastel D423 Antracite
  • Tempotest Pastel D424 BlueTempotest Pastel D424 Blue
  • Tempotest Pastel D425 TurcheseTempotest Pastel D425 Turchese

Sunbrella Pashmina

Composition: 100% Spun-dyed PC (Acrylic)

Durability: 40.000 martindale

  • Sunbrella Pashmina D160 FlanellaSunbrella Pashmina D160 Flanella
  • Sunbrella Pashmina D161 AlpacaSunbrella Pashmina D161 Alpaca
  • Sunbrella Pashmina D162 SigaroSunbrella Pashmina D162 Sigaro
  • Sunbrella Pashmina D163 CartazuccheroSunbrella Pashmina D163 Cartazucchero
  • Sunbrella Pashmina D164 PetrolioSunbrella Pashmina D164 Petrolio
  • Sunbrella Pashmina D165 BluSunbrella Pashmina D165 Blu
  • Sunbrella Pashmina D166 MossSunbrella Pashmina D166 Moss
  • Sunbrella Pashmina D167 ZafferanoSunbrella Pashmina D167 Zafferano
  • Sunbrella Pashmina D168 CherrySunbrella Pashmina D168 Cherry

Category E

Maria Flora Pop

Composition: 100% Spun-dyed PC (Acrylic)

Durability: 25.000 martindale

  • Maria Flora Pop E450 CordaMaria Flora Pop E450 Corda
  • Maria Flora Pop E451 Verda MelaMaria Flora Pop E451 Verda Mela
  • Maria Flora Pop E452 StuoiaMaria Flora Pop E452 Stuoia
  • Maria Flora Pop E453 AntraciteMaria Flora Pop E453 Antracite
  • Maria Flora Pop E454 GlicineMaria Flora Pop E454 Glicine
  • Maria Flora Pop E455 BiancoMaria Flora Pop E455 Bianco
  • Maria Flora Pop E456 LimoneMaria Flora Pop E456 Limone
  • Maria Flora Pop E457 AragostaMaria Flora Pop E457 Aragosta
  • Maria Flora Pop E458 TurcheseMaria Flora Pop E458 Turchese

Maria Flora Soley

Composition: 100% Spun-dyed PC (Acrylic)

Durability: 30.000 martindale

  • Maria Flora Soley E475 CoralloMaria Flora Soley E475 Corallo
  • Maria Flora Soley E470 AvorioMaria Flora Soley E470 Avorio
  • Maria Flora Soley E471 SavanaMaria Flora Soley E471 Savana
  • Maria Flora Soley E472 TurcheseMaria Flora Soley E472 Turchese
  • Maria Flora Soley E473 MilitareMaria Flora Soley E473 Militare
  • Maria Flora Soley E474 BluMaria Flora Soley E474 Blu

Tempotest Africa

Composition: 100% Spun-dyed PC (Acrylic)

Durability: 17.000 martindale

  • Tempotest Africa D410 MulticolorTempotest Africa D410 Multicolor
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Product Information

The Emma Bergere Armchair features a backrest made of iconic rope weaving, a refined detail that emphasizes shape and design. The rope weaving is enhanced thanks to the Bergere's unique shape. The Bergere stands out for its elegance and adaptability in convivial moments or reserved spaces in every outdoor environment: gardens, terraces and balconies, porches, patios, pools.

The seat cushion and 1 matching back cushion is included.


32.68" W x 31.1" D x 42.52" H | Seat: 18.11" H
(83 x 79 x 108 | 46 cm)


Iroko Wood Legs
Aluminum Frame
Synthetic Fibre Weaving
Dryfeel Foam
Fabric Upholstery

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