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Dilim Armchair Sofa
Dilim Armchair Sofa
Dilim Armchair Sofa
Jan & Gernot for Koleksiyon

Dilim Armchair Sofa

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Composition: 60% Polypropylene, 30% Wool, 10% Viscose

Durability: 60.000

  • Advantage Aztec Ad113Advantage Aztec Ad113
  • Advantage Beetroot Ad116Advantage Beetroot Ad116
  • Advantage Black Ad055Advantage Black Ad055
  • Advantage Cinnamon Ad111Advantage Cinnamon Ad111
  • Advantage Cranberry Ad005Advantage Cranberry Ad005
  • Advantage Fjord Ad125Advantage Fjord Ad125
  • Advantage Nightshade Ad011Advantage Nightshade Ad011
  • Advantage Pewter Ad072Advantage Pewter Ad072
  • Advantage Raspberry Ad127Advantage Raspberry Ad127
  • Advantage Red Ad014Advantage Red Ad014
  • Advantage Tawny Ad098Advantage Tawny Ad098
  • Advantage Wine Ad020Advantage Wine Ad020


Composition: 100% Polyester

Durability: 100.000 Martindale

  • Era Aeon Cse20Era Aeon Cse20
  • Era Calendar Sce19Era Calendar Sce19
  • Era Cycle Cse06Era Cycle Cse06
  • Era Everlasting Cse10Era Everlasting Cse10
  • Era Forecast Cse11Era Forecast Cse11
  • Era Forward Cse14Era Forward Cse14
  • Era Futurist Cse01Era Futurist Cse01
  • Era Generation Cse02Era Generation Cse02
  • Era History Cse21Era History Cse21
  • Era Lifetime Cse03Era Lifetime Cse03
  • Era Perennial Cse12Era Perennial Cse12
  • Era Period Cse07Era Period Cse07
  • Era Phase Cse17Era Phase Cse17
  • Era Present Cse13Era Present Cse13
  • Era Prime Cse09Era Prime Cse09
  • Era Span Cse05Era Span Cse05
  • Era Stage Cse15Era Stage Cse15
  • Era Timelapse Cse16Era Timelapse Cse16


Composition: 69% Cotton, 22% Flax, 8% Polyamide, 1% Viscose

Durability: 100.000 Martindale

  • Patina Anneal Pat35Patina Anneal Pat35
  • Patina Anodise Pat32Patina Anodise Pat32
  • Patina Bloomed Pat15Patina Bloomed Pat15
  • Patina Braise Pat27Patina Braise Pat27
  • Patina Flecked Pat38Patina Flecked Pat38
  • Patina Glazed Pat26Patina Glazed Pat26
  • Patina Glisten Pat25Patina Glisten Pat25
  • Patina Inlay Pat37Patina Inlay Pat37
  • Patina Lacquer Pat42Patina Lacquer Pat42
  • Patina Matured Pat10Patina Matured Pat10
  • Patina Reclaimed Pat05Patina Reclaimed Pat05
  • Patina Restored Pat07Patina Restored Pat07
  • Patina Rippled Pat19Patina Rippled Pat19
  • Patina Sheen Pat17Patina Sheen Pat17
  • Patina Smudged Pat30Patina Smudged Pat30
  • Patina Speckled Pat41Patina Speckled Pat41
  • Patina Stoney Pat34Patina Stoney Pat34
  • Patina Temper Pat28Patina Temper Pat28
  • Patina Toughened Pat20Patina Toughened Pat20
  • Patina Twisted Pat36Patina Twisted Pat36

Camira Rivet

Composition: 100% REPREVE Recycled Polyester

Durability: >50.000 Martindale

  • Abraid EGl13Abraid EGl13
  • Charcoal EGl37Charcoal EGl37
  • Copper EGl14Copper EGl14
  • Crucible EGl24Crucible EGl24
  • Deep Clay EGl32Deep Clay EGl32
  • Forge EGl12Forge EGl12
  • Fuse EGl08Fuse EGl08
  • Galvanise EGl26Galvanise EGl26
  • Grey Brindle EGl50Grey Brindle EGl50
  • Lagoon EGl35Lagoon EGl35
  • Molten EGl09Molten EGl09
  • Olive EGl31Olive EGl31
  • Prime EGl16Prime EGl16
  • Quench EGl23Quench EGl23
  • Spark EGl10Spark EGl10
  • Tungsten EGl07Tungsten EGl07
  • Woodrose EGl33Woodrose EGl33

Main Line Flax

Composition: 70% Virgin Wool, 30% Flax

Durability: 50.000 Martindale

  • Main Line Flax Aldgate Mlf01Main Line Flax Aldgate Mlf01
  • Main Line Flax Archway Mlf02Main Line Flax Archway Mlf02
  • Main Line Flax Bank Mlf23Main Line Flax Bank Mlf23
  • Main Line Flax Charing Mlf27Main Line Flax Charing Mlf27
  • Main Line Flax Greenford Mlf32Main Line Flax Greenford Mlf32
  • Main Line Flax Hillingdon Mlf41Main Line Flax Hillingdon Mlf41
  • Main Line Flax Leyton Mlf13Main Line Flax Leyton Mlf13
  • Main Line Flax Northfields Mlf40Main Line Flax Northfields Mlf40
  • Main Line Flax Parsons Mlf14Main Line Flax Parsons Mlf14
  • Main Line Flax Pimlico Mlf34Main Line Flax Pimlico Mlf34
  • Main Line Flax Russell Mlf38Main Line Flax Russell Mlf38
  • Main Line Flax Temple Mlf16Main Line Flax Temple Mlf16
  • Main Line Flax Tooting Mlf17Main Line Flax Tooting Mlf17
  • Main Line Flax Tower Mlf36Main Line Flax Tower Mlf36
  • Main Line Flax Tufnell Mlf18Main Line Flax Tufnell Mlf18
  • Main Line Flax Victoria Mlf19Main Line Flax Victoria Mlf19
  • Main Line Flax Westminster Mlf22Main Line Flax Westminster Mlf22


Composition: 95% Virgin Wool, 5% Polyamide

Durability: 100.000 Martindale

  • Synergy Accord Lds60Synergy Accord Lds60
  • Synergy Affix Lds32Synergy Affix Lds32
  • Synergy Alike Lds62Synergy Alike Lds62
  • Synergy Apt Lds80Synergy Apt Lds80
  • Synergy Assemble Lds61Synergy Assemble Lds61
  • Synergy Collaborate Lds68Synergy Collaborate Lds68
  • Synergy Comply Lds52Synergy Comply Lds52
  • Synergy Engage Lds57Synergy Engage Lds57
  • Synergy Gather Lds46Synergy Gather Lds46
  • Synergy Global Lds86Synergy Global Lds86
  • Synergy Group Lds59Synergy Group Lds59
  • Synergy Interfuse Lds48Synergy Interfuse Lds48
  • Synergy Intertwine Lds42Synergy Intertwine Lds42
  • Synergy Kindness Lds51Synergy Kindness Lds51
  • Synergy Kinship Lds56Synergy Kinship Lds56
  • Synergy Lateral Lds28Synergy Lateral Lds28
  • Synergy League Lds50Synergy League Lds50
  • Synergy Medley Lds36Synergy Medley Lds36
  • Synergy Mutual Lds84Synergy Mutual Lds84
  • Synergy Order Lds64Synergy Order Lds64
  • Synergy Pact Lds53Synergy Pact Lds53
  • Synergy Partner Lds16Synergy Partner Lds16
  • Synergy Relate Lds44Synergy Relate Lds44
  • Synergy Seek Lds27Synergy Seek Lds27
  • Synergy SerendipitySynergy Serendipity
  • Synergy Share Lds85Synergy Share Lds85
  • Synergy Similar Lds81Synergy Similar Lds81
  • Synergy Success Lds76Synergy Success Lds76
  • Synergy Support Lds55Synergy Support Lds55
  • Synergy Tag Lds33Synergy Tag Lds33
  • Synergy Values Lds87Synergy Values Lds87
  • Synergy Warmth Lds67Synergy Warmth Lds67
  • Synergy Wed Lds34Synergy Wed Lds34
  • Synergy Work Lds73Synergy Work Lds73

Coda 2

Composition: 90% Wool, 10% Nylon

Durability: 100.000 Martindale

  • Coda 2 182Coda 2 182
  • Coda 2 222Coda 2 222
  • Coda 2 232Coda 2 232
  • Coda 2 442Coda 2 442
  • Coda 2 610Coda 2 610
  • Coda 2 632Coda 2 632
  • Coda 2 642Coda 2 642
  • Coda 2 722Coda 2 722
  • Coda 2 762Coda 2 762
  • Coda 2 962Coda 2 962

Product Information

Dilim is a modular sofa or single chair designed for offices, bars, hotels and waiting areas, and is offered in a way that allows Designers to explore the available combinations of colored fabrics. A Dilim sofa can satisfy different demands with the different sizes and options it presents.

The back-to-back version, for example, might be used in offices or various waiting areas, or matched in with other furniture systems. The high-back version can be used to create a cellular environment for meetings and working or for reading and resting within common areas. The upholstered surface of the high back sofa assists in helping to isolate noise which might otherwise be a critical problem in open office layouts.


Five Seater: 84.65” W x 29.84” D x 30.16” H
Six Seater: 98.43” W x 29.84” D x 30.16” H
Seven Seater: 112.20” W x 29.84” D x 30.16” H


Upholstery: Fabric
LegS: Plastic

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