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Summer Set Rocking Lounge Armchair - 2426S
Christophe Pillet for Varaschin

Summer Set Rocking Lounge Armchair - 2426S

Regular price $2,853.00
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Category B

Icarus Eco-Leather

Composition: 91% PVC, 9% PA

Durability: 100.000 martindale

  • Icarus B650 BiancoIcarus B650 Bianco
  • Icarus B651 CipriaIcarus B651 Cipria
  • Icarus B652 AvorioIcarus B652 Avorio
  • Icarus B653 VisoneIcarus B653 Visone
  • Icarus B654 SigaroIcarus B654 Sigaro
  • Icarus B655 TortoraIcarus B655 Tortora
  • Icarus B656 TabaccoIcarus B656 Tabacco
  • Icarus B657 MarroneIcarus B657 Marrone
  • Icarus B658 MokaIcarus B658 Moka
  • Icarus B659 NeroIcarus B659 Nero
  • Icarus B660 GrigioIcarus B660 Grigio
  • Icarus B661 CenereIcarus B661 Cenere
  • Icarus B662 PerlaIcarus B662 Perla
  • Icarus B663 BluIcarus B663 Blu
  • Icarus B664 MarinaIcarus B664 Marina
  • Icarus B665 MelaIcarus B665 Mela
  • Icarus B666 BordoIcarus B666 Bordo

Tuvatextil Canvas

Composition: 100% Spun-dyed PC (Acrylic)

Durability: 16.000/20.000 martindale

  • Tuvatextil Canvas B501 CoccoTuvatextil Canvas B501 Cocco
  • Tuvatextil Canvas B502 StuoiaTuvatextil Canvas B502 Stuoia
  • Tuvatextil Canvas B503 AmarettoTuvatextil Canvas B503 Amaretto
  • Tuvatextil Canvas B504 AcquerelloTuvatextil Canvas B504 Acquerello
  • Tuvatextil Canvas B505 OceanoTuvatextil Canvas B505 Oceano
  • Tuvatextil Canvas B506 MentaTuvatextil Canvas B506 Menta
  • Tuvatextil Canvas B507 OlivaTuvatextil Canvas B507 Oliva
  • Tuvatextil Canvas B508 CitronTuvatextil Canvas B508 Citron
  • Tuvatextil Canvas B509 OroTuvatextil Canvas B509 Oro
  • Tuvatextil Canvas B510 OrangeTuvatextil Canvas B510 Orange
  • Tuvatextil Canvas B511 GingerTuvatextil Canvas B511 Ginger
  • Tuvatextil Canvas B512 GranataTuvatextil Canvas B512 Granata
  • Tuvatextil Canvas B513 ScarlattoTuvatextil Canvas B513 Scarlatto
  • Tuvatextil Canvas B514 BordeauxTuvatextil Canvas B514 Bordeaux
  • Tuvatextil Canvas B515 PrugnaTuvatextil Canvas B515 Prugna

Sunbrella Piper

Composition: 100% Spun-dyed PC (Acrylic)

Durability:10.000/14.000 martindale

  • Sunbrella Piper B090 MarmoSunbrella Piper B090 Marmo
  • Sunbrella Piper B091 PolvereSunbrella Piper B091 Polvere
  • Sunbrella Piper B092 SavaneSunbrella Piper B092 Savane
  • Sunbrella Piper B093 LiquiriziaSunbrella Piper B093 Liquirizia
  • Sunbrella Piper B101 WhiteSunbrella Piper B101 White
  • Sunbrella Piper B102 TaupeSunbrella Piper B102 Taupe
  • Sunbrella Piper B104 SpezieSunbrella Piper B104 Spezie
  • Sunbrella Piper B105 CurrySunbrella Piper B105 Curry
  • Sunbrella Piper B106 RifleSunbrella Piper B106 Rifle
  • Sunbrella Piper B107 FumoSunbrella Piper B107 Fumo
  • Sunbrella Piper B108 LinoSunbrella Piper B108 Lino
  • Sunbrella Piper B109 GrigioSunbrella Piper B109 Grigio

Tuvatextil Stripes

Composition: 100% Spun-dyed PC (Acrylic)

Durability: 30.000 martindale

  • Tuvatextil Stripes B541 BiancoTuvatextil Stripes B541 Bianco
  • Tuvatextil Stripes B542 GhiaccioTuvatextil Stripes B542 Ghiaccio
  • Tuvatextil Stripes B543 CenereTuvatextil Stripes B543 Cenere
  • Tuvatextil Stripes B544 ArgentoTuvatextil Stripes B544 Argento
  • Tuvatextil Stripes B545 PeltroTuvatextil Stripes B545 Peltro
  • Tuvatextil Stripes B546 BeigeTuvatextil Stripes B546 Beige
  • Tuvatextil Stripes B547 NoceTuvatextil Stripes B547 Noce
  • Tuvatextil Stripes B548 BronzoTuvatextil Stripes B548 Bronzo
  • Tuvatextil Stripes B549 AntraciteTuvatextil Stripes B549 Antracite
  • Tuvatextil Stripes B550 MarroneTuvatextil Stripes B550 Marrone
  • Tuvatextil Stripes B551 GialloTuvatextil Stripes B551 Giallo
  • Tuvatextil Stripes B552 RossoTuvatextil Stripes B552 Rosso
  • Tuvatextil Stripes B553 BordeauxTuvatextil Stripes B553 Bordeaux
  • Tuvatextil Stripes B554 CelesteTuvatextil Stripes B554 Celeste
  • Tuvatextil Stripes B555 SmeraldoTuvatextil Stripes B555 Smeraldo

Summer Up

Composition: 100% Spun-dyed PC (Acrylic)

Durability: 17.000/25.000 martindale

  • Summer Up Oscar B20 BiancoSummer Up Oscar B20 Bianco
  • Summer Up Oscar B21 BeigeSummer Up Oscar B21 Beige
  • Summer Up Oscar B26 NeroSummer Up Oscar B26 Nero
  • Summer Up Panama B131 AzzurroSummer Up Panama B131 Azzurro
  • Summer Up Panama B135 GreenSummer Up Panama B135 Green
  • Summer Up Panama B138 ImperialeSummer Up Panama B138 Imperiale
  • Summer Up Panama B139 MaisSummer Up Panama B139 Mais
  • Summer Up Panama B1390 CordaSummer Up Panama B1390 Corda
  • Summer Up Panama B1391 TurcheseSummer Up Panama B1391 Turchese
  • Summer Up Panama B1392 ArancioSummer Up Panama B1392 Arancio
  • Summer Up Panama B1393 RossoSummer Up Panama B1393 Rosso
  • Summer Up Panama B1396 GrigioSummer Up Panama B1396 Grigio
  • Summer Up Panama B1397 AntraciteSummer Up Panama B1397 Antracite
  • Summer Up Panama B1399 VerdeSummer Up Panama B1399 Verde
  • Summer Up Sun B98 WhiteSummer Up Sun B98 White
  • Summer Up Sun B192 GrisSummer Up Sun B192 Gris
  • Summer Up Sun B199 ScreenSummer Up Sun B199 Screen

Category C

Sunbrella Dune

Composition: 100% Spun-dyed PC (Acrylic)

Durability: 10.000/14.000 martindale

  • Sunbrella Dune C460 CarboneSunbrella Dune C460 Carbone
  • Sunbrella Dune C461 TabaccoSunbrella Dune C461 Tabacco
  • Sunbrella Dune C462 PeltroSunbrella Dune C462 Peltro
  • Sunbrella Dune C466 BeigeSunbrella Dune C466 Beige
  • Sunbrella Dune C467 AntrciteSunbrella Dune C467 Antrcite


Composition: 100% Polyolefin

Durability: 50.000 martindale

  • Marine C111 CaffeMarine C111 Caffe
  • Marine C100 BeigeMarine C100 Beige
  • Marine C101 SaccoMarine C101 Sacco
  • Marine C102 LimeMarine C102 Lime
  • Marine C103 NavyMarine C103 Navy
  • Marine C104 TurcheseMarine C104 Turchese
  • Marine C105 BluMarine C105 Blu
  • Marine C106 BronzoMarine C106 Bronzo
  • Marine C107 CartazuccheroMarine C107 Cartazucchero
  • Marine C108 GrigioMarine C108 Grigio
  • Marine C109 IronMarine C109 Iron
  • Marine C110 FumoMarine C110 Fumo

Category D

Tempotest Pastel

Composition: 100% Spun-dyed PC (Acrylic)

Durability: 24.000 martindale

  • Tempotest Pastel D426 CoralTempotest Pastel D426 Coral
  • Tempotest Pastel D420 BianoTempotest Pastel D420 Biano
  • Tempotest Pastel D421 BeigeTempotest Pastel D421 Beige
  • Tempotest Pastel D422 TortoraTempotest Pastel D422 Tortora
  • Tempotest Pastel D423 AntraciteTempotest Pastel D423 Antracite
  • Tempotest Pastel D424 BlueTempotest Pastel D424 Blue
  • Tempotest Pastel D425 TurcheseTempotest Pastel D425 Turchese

Sunbrella Pashmina

Composition: 100% Spun-dyed PC (Acrylic)

Durability: 40.000 martindale

  • Sunbrella Pashmina D160 FlanellaSunbrella Pashmina D160 Flanella
  • Sunbrella Pashmina D161 AlpacaSunbrella Pashmina D161 Alpaca
  • Sunbrella Pashmina D162 SigaroSunbrella Pashmina D162 Sigaro
  • Sunbrella Pashmina D163 CartazuccheroSunbrella Pashmina D163 Cartazucchero
  • Sunbrella Pashmina D164 PetrolioSunbrella Pashmina D164 Petrolio
  • Sunbrella Pashmina D165 BluSunbrella Pashmina D165 Blu
  • Sunbrella Pashmina D166 MossSunbrella Pashmina D166 Moss
  • Sunbrella Pashmina D167 ZafferanoSunbrella Pashmina D167 Zafferano
  • Sunbrella Pashmina D168 CherrySunbrella Pashmina D168 Cherry

Category E

Maria Flora Pop

Composition: 100% Spun-dyed PC (Acrylic)

Durability: 25.000 martindale

  • Maria Flora Pop E450 CordaMaria Flora Pop E450 Corda
  • Maria Flora Pop E451 Verda MelaMaria Flora Pop E451 Verda Mela
  • Maria Flora Pop E452 StuoiaMaria Flora Pop E452 Stuoia
  • Maria Flora Pop E453 AntraciteMaria Flora Pop E453 Antracite
  • Maria Flora Pop E454 GlicineMaria Flora Pop E454 Glicine
  • Maria Flora Pop E455 BiancoMaria Flora Pop E455 Bianco
  • Maria Flora Pop E456 LimoneMaria Flora Pop E456 Limone
  • Maria Flora Pop E457 AragostaMaria Flora Pop E457 Aragosta
  • Maria Flora Pop E458 TurcheseMaria Flora Pop E458 Turchese

Maria Flora Soley

Composition: 100% Spun-dyed PC (Acrylic)

Durability: 30.000 martindale

  • Maria Flora Soley E475 CoralloMaria Flora Soley E475 Corallo
  • Maria Flora Soley E470 AvorioMaria Flora Soley E470 Avorio
  • Maria Flora Soley E471 SavanaMaria Flora Soley E471 Savana
  • Maria Flora Soley E472 TurcheseMaria Flora Soley E472 Turchese
  • Maria Flora Soley E473 MilitareMaria Flora Soley E473 Militare
  • Maria Flora Soley E474 BluMaria Flora Soley E474 Blu

Tempotest Africa

Composition: 100% Spun-dyed PC (Acrylic)

Durability: 17.000 martindale

  • Tempotest Africa D410 MulticolorTempotest Africa D410 Multicolor
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Product Information

The Summer Set Rocking Lounge Armchair features a teak base and powder-coated steel frame, suitable for marine and pool areas. It is a seat that gives the body total rest during outdoor relaxing moments.

The seat pad is included.


29.13" W x 33.86" D x 28.54" H | Seat: 15.75" H
(74 x 86 x 72.5 | 40 cm)


Fabric Upholstery
Powder Coated Steel Frame

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