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Alvar Aalto

Considered to be one of the greatest Finnish architects and designers in the world, Alvar Aalto’s (1898 - 1976) modernist and humanist who focused his works heavily in elements of organic geometry and the use of natural materials. Aalto graduated from the Helsinki Institute of Technology in 1921, and his career in architecture began soon afterwards. It wasn’t long after however that his works began expanding into furniture, textiles, and glassware, and even sculptures and paintings as well. Considered by many to be the founding father of modern design, one of Aalto’s most ingenious patented innovations is the L-leg, which allows legs to be directly attached to tables, chairs, and stool tops. Together with his wife Aino Aalto and visual arts promoter Maire Gullichsen and art historian Nils-Gustav Hahl, Aalto created Artek, a world-renowned furniture and lighting company.

Artek Stool E60

From $36000

Artek Chair 69

From $53500

Artek Stool 60

From $32000

Artek Table 90B

From $88000

Artek Table 82B

From $1,65500

Artek Table 83

From $2,40000

Artek Day Bed 710

From $4,62500

Artek Chair 65

From $49500

Artek Chair 611

From $85000

Artek Table 86

From $3,39000

Artek Table 80A

From $1,18500

Artek Table 82A

From $2,08000

Artek Table 91

From $2,34000

Artek Table 90D

From $66000

Artek Table 90A

From $1,39500

Artek Table 81B

From $1,26000

Artek Chair 66

From $54000