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Arena Poltrona


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Group I

Sunbrella Natte

Composition: 100% Sunbrella Acrylic

  • Pistachio NAT 10233Pistachio NAT 10233


Composition: 100% Dyed Acrylic

  • Fossil 3659Fossil 3659
  • Siena 8009Siena 8009
  • Acqua 8006Acqua 8006
  • Oliva 8002Oliva 8002
  • Onyx 3657Onyx 3657


Composition: 100% Dyed Acrylic

  • Sunset 01039Sunset 01039
  • Dawn 01041Dawn 01041
  • Horizon 01042Horizon 01042

Bliss Aura

Composition: 100% Dyed Acrylic

  • Handen Coral 00A35Handen Coral 00A35
  • Handen Parrot Green 01163Handen Parrot Green 01163

Bliss Prades

Composition: 100% Dyed Acrylic

  • Plain 1012Plain 1012
  • Plateau 1016Plateau 1016
  • Valley 1014Valley 1014
  • Cliff 1018Cliff 1018
  • Dune 1026Dune 1026

Group II

Sunbrella Majestic

Composition: 100% Sunbrella Acrylic

  • Crystal MAJ J337Crystal MAJ J337
  • Citrine MAJ J338Citrine MAJ J338

Sunbrella Lopi

Composition: 100% Sunbrella Acrylic

  • Marble LOP R018Marble LOP R018

Bliss Joy

Composition: 100% Dyed Acrylic

  • Bloom Pink 01151Bloom Pink 01151
  • Passion Dark Blue 01146Passion Dark Blue 01146
  • Passion Aruba 01147Passion Aruba 01147


  • Maglia IndigoMaglia Indigo
  • Maglia AlaskaMaglia Alaska
  • Maglia BlossomMaglia Blossom
  • Maglia MarsMaglia Mars
  • Maglia ThunderMaglia Thunder
  • Maglia GraniteMaglia Granite
  • Maglia GingerMaglia Ginger
  • Maglia UyuniMaglia Uyuni
*Digital swatches are not always color accurate. Please contact us for samples.
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27.1" W x 27.1" D x 29.1" H
Seat: 15.3" H


Galvanized Steel and Upholstered Seat Cushion

The ARENA collection is a perfect balance between modern & retro. Inspired by the Mediterranean nature, the perforations of its structure simulates the sand ripples on Mediterranean beaches. A unique design and one of our most admired collections among the A&D community.

Collection made of galvanized wire, polyester powder coated.

The materials we use are galvanized steel and aluminum. Durable, suitable for intensive use and weather-resistant. Therefore, they are perfect for outdoor and indoor use. Likewise, our materials are noble, 100% recycled and recyclable, and environmentally responsible.



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