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TNK 500 Office Chair - 5-Star Base
TNK 500 Office Chair - 5-Star Base
TNK 500 Office Chair - 5-Star Base
TNK 500 Office Chair - 5-Star Base
Alegre Design for Actiu

TNK 500 Office Chair - 5-Star Base

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White Aluminum - Glide Caps
Black Aluminum - Glide Caps
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Gabriel Felicity

Composition: 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Polyester

Designer: Mette Krebs Petersen

Durability: 90.000 Martindale

  • 66161 (D13)66161 (D13)
  • 60999 (D12)60999 (D12)
  • 64190 (D11)64190 (D11)
  • 60105 (D15)60105 (D15)
  • 68179 (D14)68179 (D14)
  • 67079 (D16)67079 (D16)
  • 66162 (D18)66162 (D18)
  • 61161 (D21)61161 (D21)
  • 60106 (D22)60106 (D22)

Gabriel Step

Composition: 100% Trevira CS

Designer: Inger Mosholt Nielsen

Durability: 100.000 Martindale

  • 62057 (M91)62057 (M91)
  • 61149 (M90)61149 (M90)
  • 60090 (M92)60090 (M92)
  • 67072 (M78)67072 (M78)
  • 68120 (M94)68120 (M94)
  • 63082 (M71)63082 (M71)
  • 64013 (M75)64013 (M75)
  • 67007 (M76)67007 (M76)
  • 60999 (M12)60999 (M12)

Gabriel Step Melange

Composition: 100% Trevira CS

Designer: Inger Mosholt Nielsen

Durability: 100.000 Martindale

  • 66019 (M19)66019 (M19)
  • 68120 (M24)68120 (M24)
  • 64179 (M23)64179 (M23)
  • 60021 (M22)60021 (M22)
  • 61103 (M20)61103 (M20)
  • 68119 (M10)68119 (M10)
  • 67072 (M17)67072 (M17)
  • 62057 (M15)62057 (M15)
  • 60004 (M14)60004 (M14)

Camira Synergy

Composition: 95% Pure New Wool, 5% Nylon

Durability: 100.000 Martindale

  • LDS33 (A17)LDS33 (A17)
  • LDS59 (A16)LDS59 (A16)
  • LDS55 (A13)LDS55 (A13)
  • LDS74 (A11)LDS74 (A11)
  • LDS19 (A20)LDS19 (A20)
  • LDS34 (A22)LDS34 (A22)
  • LDS84 (A27)LDS84 (A27)
  • LDS56 (A18)LDS56 (A18)
  • LDS45 (A25)LDS45 (A25)

Valencia Faux Leather

100% Vinyl / Urethane Topcoat

Manufacturer: Spradling

  • V19V19
  • V18V18
  • V20V20
  • V21V21
  • V10V10
  • V11V11
  • V13V13
  • V12V12
  • V17V17
  • V15V15

Savana Leather

100% First Quality Selected Cow Grain Leather

  • P18P18
  • P11P11
  • P10P10
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Product Information

”If there is anything that characterizes a high-level office furniture manufacturer, it's the design and innovation of their more technical products. Research and innovation that takes into account the new uses and needs of today's society is what allows each new model to surpass the previous one, in terms of benefits and services. Investing in health is an investment in the future, in concentration, in efficiency and, as a result, productivity. All this is possible by investing in ergonomics.” - Marcelo Alegre, Alegre Design

TNK 500 is much more than a formal design. It's the compilation of functional, technical and technological details that set it apart from the rest. A timeless and elegant style. With great visual quality and shapes that suggest fluidity, development and humanity, inspiring pleasant sensations through the use of materials that bring much added value and are sustainable and respectful of the environment.
TNK 500 incorporates an innovative and exclusive mechanism of progressive resistance, fully integrated and easy to adjust from the sitting position. Its technological and engineering development has enabled Actiu to obtain the exclusive patent for this mechanism.

We know that passion and consistency are keys to success, which is why at Actiu we develop new products that are the result of intense research whose main goal is to guarantee the comfort and ergonomics of work spaces, in addition to facilitating different postural options that can provide users with freedom of movement and can therefore improve the physical conditions of their job. Welcome to the age of well-being, at work.

Additional styles, including different backs and a lumbar support version, are also available. Please contact us for further information.


26.5" W x 26.5" D x 39 - 43.5" H
Seat: 16.5 - 20.75" H x 15.75" D


Fully Upholstered
Anti-Skid Black Polyamide Castors or Black Polypropylene Glide Caps
Moulded Flexible PU Foam
Aluminum Frame and Base
Seat w/ ACS Technology

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