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Humlevik + Krojgaard

Knut Bendik Humlevik is a Danish product designer who was born in Bergen, Norway. Humlevik graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts school of Architecture, and incorporates Scandinavian touches to his products, placing emphasis in using raw and natural materials, as well as focusing on creating his products with simplicity and functionality in mind. Rune Krojgaard was born in Herning, Denmark and studied Design and Industrial Form at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Krojgaard is known for having dense knowledge for understanding the use of materials and its properties, and much of his work reflects the use of unique, organic, and pure use of shapes while still incorporating a flair of current trends and shapes into his designs. Humlevik and Krojgaard worked together to establish KR in 2007, and now currently work as the head designers for Norr11. They are known to work together to design products with key elements of simplicity, functionality, purity, and aesthetics.