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Swedish Grace Dinner Plate
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Swedish Grace Dinner Plate

Louise Adelborg for Rorstrand

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A design classic in six colours. This tableware still evokes the same emotions as when it was unveiled at the Stockholm Exhibition in 1930. Louise Adelborg succeeded in conveying the sensation of ears of wheat swaying in the summer breeze.


10.6 dia



Always rinse your china as soon as possible after a meal. Food remnants that are left on the china can cause discoloration of sensitive patterns. China is particularly sensitive to food containing strong acids, such as apples or lemons. Remove food that has burned onto your ovenproof dishes by soaking them in water mixed with washing-up liquid. After approx. half an hour you can wash off the remnants. Never use scouring agents,steel wool,etc.,as this destroys the glaze, making the china worn and matt. Black streaks on your plates are metal from stainless steel, especially from your cutlery. Always use rinsing or surfaceactive agents if you use a dishwasher, asthis makes the china less susceptible to metal markings. Remove stains left by coffee or tea, for example, by adding approx. 2-3 tbsp citric acid to the detergent in your dishwasher. If the stain is tougher you can blend dishwasher detergent with a special detergent for white goods in hot water (1/2 dl powder per litre of water). Pour the solution into the item that is stained and leave to stand for a couple of hours.Then wash and rinse well. Do not slide the plates on top of one another when placing them in your kitchen cupboard – this is the major cause of cracks in the glaze. Choose plates with gentle, sloping base rings, and use rinsing or surface-active agents when using a dishwasher, as this gives the items a smoother surface and reduces the risk of surface damage. Remove the grey coating that can appear on your china with ascorbic acid, citric acid or similar. The most common reason for such a coating is carbonates in the water, which can dry onto the surface of the china and are difficult to wash off. Most china services can be washed in a dishwasher, but if you want to keep them in good condition for as long as possible you should use a rinsing or surface-active agent. This reduces the friction, and you avoid unsightly scratches on your plates when you stack them on top of one another. Never heat your china in a microwave if it has a pattern that contains any kind of metal.The metal can react when heated in a microwave by sparkling and flashing.



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