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Tolix N Pedestal Cafe Table - Outdoor
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Tolix N Pedestal Cafe Table - Outdoor

Patrick Norguet for Tolix

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  • *Gris Martele MFT *Gris Martele MFT
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  • Gris Souris Brillant Gris Souris Brillant
  • Noir Brillant Noir Brillant
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  • Ivoire Mat Ivoire Mat
  • Muscade Mat Muscade Mat
  • Jaune Citron Mat Jaune Citron Mat
  • Potiron Mat Potiron Mat
  • Poivron Mat Poivron Mat
  • Piment Mat Piment Mat
  • Bleu Ocean Mat Bleu Ocean Mat
  • Gris Souris Mat Gris Souris Mat
  • Noir Mat Noir Mat
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Created in 2013, the N Pedestal Table is the practical and solid little table indispensable for bistros. Designer Patrick Norguet explains, "For this collaboration with TOLIX®, I conceived the N Pedestal Table as a new family of tables in answer to restaurateurs' needs. TOLIX®'s first ever folding table, the N Pedestal Table with its tilting top, can be moved around and put away easily." Made from stainless steel, it can be used outside. Available in both normal height and tall versions.


23.6" W x 23.6" L x 29.1" H


Stainless Steel



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Designed by Patrick Norguet

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