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Song Filing Pedestal w/ Cushion

Koray Malhan for Koleksiyon

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Composition: 60% Polypropylene, 30% Wool, 10% Viscose

Durability: 60.000

  • Advantage Aztec Ad113Advantage Aztec Ad113
  • Advantage Beetroot Ad116Advantage Beetroot Ad116
  • Advantage Black Ad055Advantage Black Ad055
  • Advantage Cinnamon Ad111Advantage Cinnamon Ad111
  • Advantage Cranberry Ad005Advantage Cranberry Ad005
  • Advantage Fjord Ad125Advantage Fjord Ad125
  • Advantage Nightshade Ad011Advantage Nightshade Ad011
  • Advantage Pewter Ad072Advantage Pewter Ad072
  • Advantage Raspberry Ad127Advantage Raspberry Ad127
  • Advantage Red Ad014Advantage Red Ad014
  • Advantage Tawny Ad098Advantage Tawny Ad098
  • Advantage Wine Ad020Advantage Wine Ad020


Composition: 27% Cotton, 36% Acrylic, 37% Polyester

Durability: 30.000 Martindale

  • Antares Acik Gri 32741Antares Acik Gri 32741
  • Antares Acik Kahve 32811Antares Acik Kahve 32811
  • Antares Bej 32800Antares Bej 32800
  • Antares Fume 32720Antares Fume 32720
  • Antares Gri 32740Antares Gri 32740
  • Antares Kemik 32790Antares Kemik 32790
  • Antares Kemik Kahve 48150Antares Kemik Kahve 48150
  • Antares Kirmizi 32732Antares Kirmizi 32732
  • Antares Koyu Gri 48140Antares Koyu Gri 48140
  • Antares San 48110Antares San 48110
  • Antares Turkuaz 48130Antares Turkuaz 48130
  • Antares Yesil 48120Antares Yesil 48120


Composition: 100% Polyester

Durability: 100.000 Martindale

  • Era Aeon Cse20Era Aeon Cse20
  • Era Calendar Sce19Era Calendar Sce19
  • Era Cycle Cse06Era Cycle Cse06
  • Era Everlasting Cse10Era Everlasting Cse10
  • Era Forecast Cse11Era Forecast Cse11
  • Era Forward Cse14Era Forward Cse14
  • Era Futurist Cse01Era Futurist Cse01
  • Era Generation Cse02Era Generation Cse02
  • Era History Cse21Era History Cse21
  • Era Lifetime Cse03Era Lifetime Cse03
  • Era Perennial Cse12Era Perennial Cse12
  • Era Period Cse07Era Period Cse07
  • Era Phase Cse17Era Phase Cse17
  • Era Present Cse13Era Present Cse13
  • Era Prime Cse09Era Prime Cse09
  • Era Span Cse05Era Span Cse05
  • Era Stage Cse15Era Stage Cse15
  • Era Timelapse Cse16Era Timelapse Cse16


Composition: 51% Viscose, 23% Cotton, 15% Linen, 11% Polyester

Durability: 45.000 Martindale

  • Cedar 19306Cedar 19306
  • Cedar 19318Cedar 19318
  • Cedar 19322Cedar 19322
  • Cedar 19323Cedar 19323

Main Line Flax

Composition: 70% Virgin Wool, 30% Flax

Durability: 50.000 Martindale

  • Main Line Flax Aldgate Mlf01Main Line Flax Aldgate Mlf01
  • Main Line Flax Archway Mlf02Main Line Flax Archway Mlf02
  • Main Line Flax Bank Mlf23Main Line Flax Bank Mlf23
  • Main Line Flax Charing Mlf27Main Line Flax Charing Mlf27
  • Main Line Flax Greenford Mlf32Main Line Flax Greenford Mlf32
  • Main Line Flax Hillingdon Mlf41Main Line Flax Hillingdon Mlf41
  • Main Line Flax Leyton Mlf13Main Line Flax Leyton Mlf13
  • Main Line Flax Northfields Mlf40Main Line Flax Northfields Mlf40
  • Main Line Flax Parsons Mlf14Main Line Flax Parsons Mlf14
  • Main Line Flax Pimlico Mlf34Main Line Flax Pimlico Mlf34
  • Main Line Flax Russell Mlf38Main Line Flax Russell Mlf38
  • Main Line Flax Temple Mlf16Main Line Flax Temple Mlf16
  • Main Line Flax Tooting Mlf17Main Line Flax Tooting Mlf17
  • Main Line Flax Tower Mlf36Main Line Flax Tower Mlf36
  • Main Line Flax Tufnell Mlf18Main Line Flax Tufnell Mlf18
  • Main Line Flax Victoria Mlf19Main Line Flax Victoria Mlf19
  • Main Line Flax Westminster Mlf22Main Line Flax Westminster Mlf22


Composition: 59% Polyester, 41% Cotton

Durability: 100.000 Martindale

  • Rover Captain 42Rover Captain 42
  • Rover Gargoyle 02Rover Gargoyle 02
  • Rover Limestone 10Rover Limestone 10
  • Rover Pewter 06Rover Pewter 06
  • Rover Rabbit 08Rover Rabbit 08
  • Rover Taupe 11Rover Taupe 11


Composition: 95% Virgin Wool, 5% Polyamide

Durability: 100.000 Martindale

  • Synergy Accord Lds60Synergy Accord Lds60
  • Synergy Affix Lds32Synergy Affix Lds32
  • Synergy Alike Lds62Synergy Alike Lds62
  • Synergy Apt Lds80Synergy Apt Lds80
  • Synergy Assemble Lds61Synergy Assemble Lds61
  • Synergy Collaborate Lds68Synergy Collaborate Lds68
  • Synergy Comply Lds52Synergy Comply Lds52
  • Synergy Engage Lds57Synergy Engage Lds57
  • Synergy Gather Lds46Synergy Gather Lds46
  • Synergy Global Lds86Synergy Global Lds86
  • Synergy Group Lds59Synergy Group Lds59
  • Synergy Interfuse Lds48Synergy Interfuse Lds48
  • Synergy Intertwine Lds42Synergy Intertwine Lds42
  • Synergy Kindness Lds51Synergy Kindness Lds51
  • Synergy Kinship Lds56Synergy Kinship Lds56
  • Synergy Lateral Lds28Synergy Lateral Lds28
  • Synergy League Lds50Synergy League Lds50
  • Synergy Medley Lds36Synergy Medley Lds36
  • Synergy Mutual Lds84Synergy Mutual Lds84
  • Synergy Order Lds64Synergy Order Lds64
  • Synergy Pact Lds53Synergy Pact Lds53
  • Synergy Partner Lds16Synergy Partner Lds16
  • Synergy Relate Lds44Synergy Relate Lds44
  • Synergy Seek Lds27Synergy Seek Lds27
  • Synergy SerendipitySynergy Serendipity
  • Synergy Share Lds85Synergy Share Lds85
  • Synergy Similar Lds81Synergy Similar Lds81
  • Synergy Success Lds76Synergy Success Lds76
  • Synergy Support Lds55Synergy Support Lds55
  • Synergy Tag Lds33Synergy Tag Lds33
  • Synergy Values Lds87Synergy Values Lds87
  • Synergy Warmth Lds67Synergy Warmth Lds67
  • Synergy Wed Lds34Synergy Wed Lds34
  • Synergy Work Lds73Synergy Work Lds73


Composition: 100% Polyester

Durability: 50.000 Martindale

  • Velocity Mass Vel06Velocity Mass Vel06
  • Velocity Motion Vel07Velocity Motion Vel07
  • Velocity Polar Vel04Velocity Polar Vel04
  • Velocity Radial Vel08Velocity Radial Vel08
  • Velocity Scalar Vel02Velocity Scalar Vel02
  • Velocity Vector Vel03Velocity Vector Vel03
*Digital swatches are not always color accurate. Please contact us for samples.


Song pedestal, designed by Koray Malhan, is  a member of Song storage family. It has a functional and unique design with different usage and colour options. Song pedestal’s body is made by sheet metal with several colour alternatives. Its design has a vivid and elegant apperance with its soft edges which could fit with wide range of furnitures.

Song presents two different storage options. Song with 2 drawers allows to have a drop file storing on its bottom drawer or 3 equal drawers. The bottom drawer for a drop file storing has a capacity for 35kg storage. The pedestal also has a central lock system for a secure storing.


16.85" W x 23.62" D x 23.43" H


Cushion: Fabric
Body: Epoxy Metal
Front Panel: Veneer or Melamine



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As a brand founded in Ankara...

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