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275 Glam 3-Seater w/ Arm Element
275 Glam 3-Seater w/ Arm Element
275 Glam 3-Seater w/ Arm Element
Gianluigi Landoni for Vibieffe

275 Glam 3-Seater w/ Arm Element

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Vibieffe Easy

Composition: 90% cotton, 10% other fibers

  • Vibieffe Easy 002Vibieffe Easy 002
  • Vibieffe Easy 005Vibieffe Easy 005
  • Vibieffe Easy 007Vibieffe Easy 007
  • Vibieffe Easy 008Vibieffe Easy 008
  • Vibieffe Easy 015Vibieffe Easy 015
  • Vibieffe Easy 017Vibieffe Easy 017
  • Vibieffe Easy 028Vibieffe Easy 028
  • Vibieffe Easy 029Vibieffe Easy 029
  • Vibieffe Easy 030Vibieffe Easy 030
  • Vibieffe Easy 031Vibieffe Easy 031
  • Vibieffe Easy 036Vibieffe Easy 036
  • Vibieffe Easy 039Vibieffe Easy 039
  • Vibieffe Easy 042Vibieffe Easy 042
  • Vibieffe Easy 046Vibieffe Easy 046
  • Vibieffe Easy 047Vibieffe Easy 047
  • Vibieffe Easy 065Vibieffe Easy 065

Vibieffe Spoleto

Composition: 64% cotton, 36% acrylic, with a fine weave.

  • Vibieffe Spoleto 008Vibieffe Spoleto 008
  • Vibieffe Spoleto 015Vibieffe Spoleto 015
  • Vibieffe Spoleto 017Vibieffe Spoleto 017
  • Vibieffe Spoleto 039Vibieffe Spoleto 039
  • Vibieffe Spoleto 046Vibieffe Spoleto 046
  • Vibieffe Spoleto 047Vibieffe Spoleto 047
  • Vibieffe Spoleto 280Vibieffe Spoleto 280
  • Vibieffe Spoleto 500Vibieffe Spoleto 500
  • Vibieffe Spoleto 700Vibieffe Spoleto 700

Vibieffe Bob

Composition: 40% viscose, 25% polyester, 21% cotton, 14% linen

  • Vibieffe Bob 001Vibieffe Bob 001
  • Vibieffe Bob 002Vibieffe Bob 002
  • Vibieffe Bob 004Vibieffe Bob 004
  • Vibieffe Bob 005Vibieffe Bob 005
  • Vibieffe Bob 010Vibieffe Bob 010
  • Vibieffe Bob 011Vibieffe Bob 011
  • Vibieffe Bob 012Vibieffe Bob 012

Vibieffe Roberta

Composition: 60% viscose, 18% cotton, 12% linen, 10% polyester

  • Vibieffe Roberta 005Vibieffe Roberta 005
  • Vibieffe Roberta 105Vibieffe Roberta 105
  • Vibieffe Roberta 106Vibieffe Roberta 106
  • Vibieffe Roberta 108Vibieffe Roberta 108
  • Vibieffe Roberta 111Vibieffe Roberta 111
  • Vibieffe Roberta 113Vibieffe Roberta 113
  • Vibieffe Roberta 115Vibieffe Roberta 115
  • Vibieffe Roberta 118Vibieffe Roberta 118
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Product Information

275 Glam is an extremely customizable sofa and can be combined in endless variants by choosing single elements with different sizes along with corner and end elements, which can also be without backrest and cushion. Also, armrest and backrest for the ottoman have been designed to be freely and easily moveable cushions characterized by a base that ensures stability. The ottomans' large sizes allow them to be used as stand-alone elements or as chaise-longues. Other ottomans with different sizes and heights are suitable to be used as comfortable seats.

The main feature of 275 Glam is represented by its backrests which can be used on both sides of the sofa to create two different ways of using the available space in your living and lounge rooms.

All Vibieffe products are highly configurable. For this reason, not all product models, sizes, and available fabrics are displayed on our website. Please contact us for a complete list of product options.

Please note: Cushions are not included in price. Please contact us for more information.

To view detailed product information click here.


115.75" W x 38.75" D x 27.25" H | Seat: 28.5" D x 15" H
(294 W x 98 D x 70 H | Seat: 72 D x 38 H cm)


Frame: Solid Wood
Elastic Band Springing w/ Foam Padding
Back Cushions: Silicone Polyester Fiber w/ Cotton Lining.
Feet: Aluminium.
Removable Fabric or Leather Cover w/ Fabric Piping.

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