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Produzione Privata


Brand: Produzione Privata
Everything evolves. The universe, the world we experience and human life are all ever changing and everything that man produces, deserves to be part of this evolution, including design. Experimentation follows the motion of expansion, perhaps destined to never end. As man progresses, he needs to create new ideas, in order to understand his ambitions and to challenge his identity. Vanguard is to advance towards a sense of modernity, step by step, because every time modernity is reached it has already evolved.
The objects of Produzione Privata are imaginations, that not only express themselves but also interpret one man’s visions to make his own space and be contemporary in his time.
Despite the existence of billions of chairs, lamps and tables, there is still room for new chairs, new lamps and new tables, because every object is linked to the imagination of its time. Together they are participants and witnesses to the changing needs of mankind.

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