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Lotta Jansdotter

Brand: Lotta Jansdotter
Lotta Jansdotter's designs are like little plants working their way through cracks in the sidewalk. Things of simple beauty that bring relief to the urban landscape. Unstoppable creativity that thrives in unexpected places. Lotta's work is about her life, and life is her inspiration. Her genius lies in exploring the beauty of everyday things. Drinking coffee from a pretty cup, writing notes on a hand printed card, dressing your child in the clothes you've made him. Slowing down and minding the details. But that doesn't mean being precious about it. Lotta's products are functional and practical, her projects approachable and easy.
Lotta's aesthetic is deeply rooted in the Scandinavian landscape. She was born on Aland, a small group of islands in the archipelago between Sweden and Finland. Her swedish heritage is also apparent in her pragmatic and self-sufficient approach to design. Lotta takes the basic craft skills she learned as a child and stretches them into sophisticated tools. Lotta's designs may be steeped in artisan traditions and a DIY spirit, but the homespun aspect ends there. Her look is sleek and urban, and her products are created for a busy city life. Her awareness, substance and instinctual sense of style are perfectly suited for contemporary lifestyles. She plants seeds and lets others reap the benefits, because she believes one always reaps what they sew.