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Lights Up! - 100 250

Brand: Lights Up!
It's easy to find tacky, gaudy, or just plain overcomplicated lamps--the kinds of lamps you'd expect to see at a themed hotel. I was out shopping the other day and saw a lamp with a gilded base in the form of (get this) an elephant carrying on its back a monkey holding a stick that bore a cockatoo on one branch and the light bulb and red-and-gold-brocade lampshade on the other branch. It was actually kind of awesome, but there are very few rooms human beings have ever devised that can handle that kind of thing. Most rooms need a more modern lamp, a lamp that doesn't draw your attention when you don't want it to, but is actually quite gorgeous when you look at it. With six different lines to choose from, and tons of available lampshade patterns, Lights Up! has the lamp you're looking for. You want a colored resin base? They've got it. You want a box lamp with almost no visible hardware? They've got it. You want a brushed-nickel floor lamp? They've got it. You want that elephant-monkey-and-cockatoo thing? For that, you have to go someplace else.