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Vertical Stripey 1 Wall Sconce - Outlet

Vertical Stripey 1 Wall Sconce - Outlet


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As technology and manufacturing techniques advance, there will always be a push toward more and more complicated, baroque, show-offy objects. "Look what's possible!" they say, "look how fancy I can be!" And a lot of them will actually be justified by their final quality. But at the same time, there will always be a countercurrent that says, "I don't have to shout. You'll come back from that precipice of wild abandon, back to serenity. That's how it happens every time. " And when the history of early-21st-century design is written, it will include jefdesigns as a voice of that countercurrent. jefdesigns is the brainchild of Joe Futschik, whose degree in fine art led initially to a long and captivating career in … waiting tables. A move to Portland, Oregon, began his transition to professional designer, and since founding jefdesigns he has captivated clients and consumers alike with his calm, thoughtful, ordered aesthetic.


    6wx16hx9.5d (shade: 6x6x12)


    brushed metal / printed linen shade

    Light Source:

    UL rated hardwired. 60w candelabra base bulb. Made in the USA.


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