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Thanks for the quick response. Your customers are right. You do have great service. :-)

Kathi S. - San Francisco, CA

I have been in retailing for over 20 years and I am now the Senior Vice President for [a major department store]. For the customer, one of the true tests of a retailer is how they handle issues like mine. You apparently know how important good customer service is especially in this age of Internet shopping where the options are endless.

Michael S. - New York, NY

Thanks for your help! I will definitely be ordering from you in the future!

Holly C. - Tiffin, IA

Wow. You guys blow me away. THANK YOU.

Jennifer S. - Pleasanton, CA

Thanks for following up. Your customer service is great, and I love your products. We'll be sure to order from you again soon.

Jeanne C. - Ann Arbor, MI

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