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  • From Amanda Bosca at 1/1/14 8:27 AM
    • re. floor lamp, looks like rod telescopes so you can adjust height?? how high does it go? can you aim one light straight up like a torchiere? Is there a separate dimmer for each bulb? what are the bulbs? are they included? Do you have clear in stock?

    • Hey Amanda,

      Lots of good questions. The Pablo Gloss floor lamp can be height adjusted. The range is between 49.5 to 58 inches high. And yes, you can aim one light straight up. There is a full range dimmer although I don't believe there is a dimmer for each bulb. The bulb specs are: LED, (2x) GreenCreative 6.5W MR16 GU10, Color temperature: 2700K, Luminosity: 330 Lumens, Luminaire efficacy: 51 Lumens/Watt, Color Rendition Index: 80 CRI. And yes, the bulbs are included. Clear is in stock!

      Let us know if you have any further questions.


      Design Public
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