Questions on MASH Studios LAX Wall Mounted Headboard and Platform Bed Set

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  • From Kate at 10/1/10 6:01 PM
    • How is the headboard attached to the wall?
    • Your wall mounted MASH headboard comes with wall mounting anchors called Togglers. Basically a 1/2" hole is drilled into the wall and a toggler is screwed in and snaps into place. The headboard is then mounted using an additional four screws. Check out for more information on the mounting hardware.
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  • From Valentina at 9/21/13 12:25 PM
    • Does the bed arrive disassembled or in one piece? I need a king size but stairs to second floor are pretty narrow
    • Hi Valentina,

      The bed itself comes in 3 boxes and requires asssembly. The dimensions and shipping weight for the boxes are:

      - King Storage Platform Bed box 1 of 3 98" x17" x11.5" 110 lbs

      - King Storage Platform box 2 of 3 80" x29" x7" 128 lbs

      - King Storage Platform box 3 of 3 31" x28"x 12" 101 lbs

      Please let us know if you have any other questions.


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