Our Low-Price Guarantee

If you find an identical product offered online for a lower price, we will gladly match the price. The following terms apply:

  • • We must verify that the product is offered by an authorized US retailer and that it is identical to ours, in stock, brand new, and covered by the manufacturer's warranty.
  • • The price quoted by the other retailer must include all applicable charges including those for options, customization, shipping, and handling.
  • • We cannot match prices on special orders, items sold through auction sites, overstock sites, deal sites or those sold through special events (e.g. limited-time sales, closeouts, clearances, or liquidations).
  • • In cases where a product manufacturer mandates a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP), we cannot match prices lower than the MAP.
  • • Price matching does not include taxes or prices that are lower due to typographical errors.
  • • Due to localization issues and currency fluctuations we do not price match to international sites.
  • • Finally, the advertised price must be available to all customers and cannot require any kind of membership, affiliation, coupon codes or sign-ups.

To report a lower price and request a price match, contact us and provide:

1) A hyperlink to the web page of the product offered by the other retailer.
2) Our competitor's price.
3) A list of any applicable options (finish, material, etc.) you have selected for this product.

*Please note coupon codes or other promotions may not be used to further discount a price match request.

*The price match guarantee does not apply to products by Gus*Modern.

Contact us here.