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RS Barcelona

The journey of RS Barcelona is the story of a dream in four stages. It starts off with Rafael Rodríguez Castillo, an employee in a metallurgist’s – and old-style grafter – who in 1975 decided to start his own business. One day his little workshop turned into an industrial unit in Viladecans, Barcelona, where was enough space for his two sons to climb aboard. Along with the second generation of the family, the dream of RS Barcelona acquires a new dimension: manufacturing for others might put food on the table, but isn’t very satisfying. The creative bug stimulation in the company’s first ‘own-brand’ product: the metal football table. Along the way they make a fistful of errors, the kind from which a lot is learned. Enough in fact to be able to include the catalogue with a coat-hanger and an outdoor table. Little by little RS Barcelona’s products find their place in the shop windows of internationally renowned trend setters. Something that can give a certain heady feeling. But the trick is getting excited by every little success. That’s how we arrive at the third stage of the dream: the introduction of the new collection of furniture designed by Stone Designs for RS Barcelona. They met at Zona Tortona and they decided to run this road hand by hand. And know we are at the fourth part, which is still ahead. This new stage is awaiting for us as we go around the corner. Now we are working and collaborating with young, international and prestige designers searching for new ideas, innovative concepts for furniture and objects. Because we, at RS Barcelona, enjoy seeing things in a different light. We design with a one-way ticket to a world that remains unexplored. We are highly keen to return with who-knows-what in our hands and to be able to lend shape to the figments of our imagination. We demand the right to not have to be down to earth, the right to daydream, and the right to believe that two birds in the bush are better than one in the hand. And that is how our products are. Enthusiasm and optimism does not hurt anyone. On the contrary. It is good to fill our lives with moments to enjoy, however small they may seem. Blowing out the candles on a cake, diving under the sea or walking barefoot on damp grass, we live sensations that make us feel good. And these are the moments that inspire us in RS. We seek new languages and ways of expression to create furniture. We like to see things with different eyes, because through them we get new ideas and original solutions. But we do it for nothing more than bring a small dose of joy into your life. Because, above all, the lead characters in your life are you, and those around you.



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