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Tot republic

One of my happiest moments was graduation day at Savannah College of Art and Design where I received a masters degree in architecture. My most disappointing moment, the day I was told that I would no longer have a job at the architectural firm that hired me after graduating. This forced me to move back into my parents home which in retrospect was a good thing. Not only did it reunite me with my family, especially my two younger sisters, but it gave me an opportunity to do some soul searching. It gave me a chance to explore my passion for furniture design. It all began one evening while watching my sisters at the dinning room table pouring over their textbooks. What struck me was their obvious discomfort as they tired to get their homework done. I thought to myself, they really need a study space of their very own. It’s a situation that millions of many kids make due with every evening. So as any parent would do, I began by visiting local stores and searching online stores. And what I had encountered was not very encouraging. There were many functional choices, a few well designed and imaginative solutions, but overall, most were of poor design and poor construction. I thought to myself, I can design something better. At that moment, I decided to put energy, passion and love into designing a desk and chairs for my sisters. I guess, TOT republic came to be at that very moment.

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