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three sheets 2 the wind

Wabi-sabi: Neither the swishing- food- around- in- hot- water technique of Japanese cooking (that's shabu-shabu) nor the bright-green horseradish sauce that comes with sushi (that's wasabi), wabi-sabi is a basic principle of traditional Japanese aesthetics. It's related to the Zen Buddhist ideas that nothing is permanent, nothing is perfect, and nothing is complete. In terms of design, wabi-sabi means that an object will be simple and probably slightly irregular, and will evoke natural processes like growth or erosion (no factory chic here!). Jenny Sauer's company Three Sheets 2 the Wind is all about wabi-sabi. Jenny used to design for Abercrombie & Fitch and Stride Rite, but she says that founding Three Sheets 2 the Wind has changed her life: she tries harder now to appreciate the simpler side of life, and to understand that art--like life--never is, and never was meant to be, perfect. What that means for you, O savvy shopper, is that you can now buy from a range of wall art and pillows that exemplify a casual, easygoing approach to design. The printing is all done by hand, through either silk-screening or block printing, and most of the fabric is dyed by hand too, so every piece is just a little bit different. (And we're pretty sure "three sheets to the wind" is just a name, and not a description. )

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