Modern Bedroom


Is your not-so-modern bedroom where the magic happens? We didn't think so.   We'll tell you why not:  it consists of your mattress on the floor, or worse, a futon; a horrendous fire hazard of a halogen lamp for "bad mood lighting," stacks of old magazines and books, and a cardboard dresser.   Are we close?  Don't worry, with a few clicks of the mouse we can help. Start with a bed you love.   If you are short on space, we have beds available with built in lighting and storage.   Next, figure out what you need to stash out of sight (some of those magazines, perhaps?), and choose modern dressers and cabinets accordingly.   Last, enliven the place with modern bedding and lighting that will make visitors swoon at how sophisticated and cool you are.   Once you make your modern bedroom a place you want to be, others will follow.   The rest of the magic is up to you.

Popular Bedroom Brands